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Residency Artist  Review


捷克华裔艺术家,张丹(Dan Gajdosova)



Under the impact of the global epidemic. The normal cooperation between each country has been hindered, the same situation within the art world. Artists are eager to have started new attempts with new materials, unusual environment, and different ways of presenting, under the special period of the art world. After most counties close their border due to the epidemic. 



筒状大瓶 Cylindrical vase 直径 diameter 23cm 高 high 52.5cm


青花鱼圆形罐 Fish pattern Blue and white porcelain jar 最大直径 max diameter 35cm 高 high 33cm



华裔捷克艺术家,张丹(Dan Gajdosova)从布拉格返华后,来到景德镇,在疫情之下的瓷都开始了新的创作。出生于美术世家的她,擅长运用绘画的形式进行自我表达。这位毕业于央美常年活跃于中欧各国的艺术家,很快适应了新的材料和创作方式。泥浆与釉料的巧妙结合,多种材料的参与,张丹将陶瓷作为画布,肆意描绘着疫情下的个人情愫与对重返“自由”的渴望。
Chinese Czech Artist. Dan Gajdosova chose to come back to China from Prague, then traveled to Jingdezhen to started her ceramics art series. Dan was expert in painting. Due to the artist’s family, she was born. Dan was graduated from the Central Academy of Fine Art and has been active around mid-Europe these days. She quickly learned how to create with clay. During the residency, Dan combined different materials and remixed the slip with the glaze for painting. She uses the clay body as a canvas. Expresses the isolation feeling of the pandemic and the desire back the normal life without the Epidemic.



方形器1号(镶器) square ware1 上下边长 top : bottle side length 21cm :18cm 高 high 44.5cm


方形器2号(镶器) square ware2 上下边长 top : bottle side length 21cm :18cm 高 high 44.5cm


墨色青花鱼瓶 Fish pattern vase 最大直径 Max diameter 26cm 高 high 53cm




Ceramics are mysterious and interesting: shaped by clay processing and ‘reborn’ after a ‘baptism’ of high fire temperature, appearing with an unpredictable new face.
At the moment of opening the kiln the ceramics in front of you may be astonishing … or disappointing,full of adventure and challenge. They may be smooth and exquisite or rough and sharp. It can be an elegant art displayed in the Museum Hall or a utensil on the dining table.



瓷器局部 Porcelain Detail


瓷器局部 Porcelain Detail


瓷器局部 Porcelain Detail


扁圆大瓶 Flat round vase 最大直径 max diameter 40cm 高 high 21cm
Ceramics need many complicated and careful processes to test people’s physical strength, endurance and intelligence. They offer unlimited possibilities: to be painted, to be sculpted, to be usable, to be appreciated. Every artist can find his or her own direction and field of creation.



花釉方形小罐 Porcelain square jars 边长 length 12x12cm 高 high 18cm


球形大瓶 Spherical vase 直径 diameter 35cm 高high 40cm


长颈大肚瓶 Big belly vase 最大直径 max diameter 25cm 高 high 47cm



陶瓷制作是多种知识的综合,涉及美学,建筑学,力学,化学,物理学……以及电脑新科技; 成就陶瓷最后的“辉煌”需要经验、失败、金钱、时间的累积。
Ceramic production is a synthesis of the varieties of knowledge involving aesthetics, architectural mechanics, chemistry and physics… Achieving the final ‘brilliance’ requires the accumulation of experience, failure, money and time.
Ceramics have survived for thousands of years bearing history and also time. Making a ceramic work can be said to be time consuming, laborious and arduous (ancient ceramics needed 72processes) … breaking it only takes a blink of the eye.



青花瓷板画1号 Blue and white porcelain painting 1


青花瓷板画2号 Blue and white porcelain  painting  2



In the difficult autumn of 2020 when the osmanthus blossomed, I had a chance to be a resident artist in Tao Xichuan, Jingdezhen and started a special experience of ‘Touching porcelain and ceramic’. 



青花小果盆 Small fruit tray 直径 diameter 6cm



The color of blue and white porcelain is magnificent, pure, mysterious and profound. I used freehand ink painting techniques on the blue and white porcelain. I tried to play with the traditional way of painting, adding a combination of texture, color, gold water, decals and other processes, to make the porcelain more expressive and layered.
The effect of ink flow is my way of mixing the glaze and clay.
In some of my works I use a covering method. A blank shape in a dense picture, like the white color spirit in the forest, is a metaphor for the mystery of nature. The interweaving of points and lines is like a beating note. The flow and penetration of glaze in the kiln is the epitome of a colorful world…



流动的青花釉画盘(烧制前)Flowing glazed plate before fire



In addition to painting on ceramics I shaped, molded and carved and also used other means to enrich the language of ceramic. I created different shapes of porcelain birds, which were ‘imprisoned’ in a glass covering, symbolizing the isolation of the pandemic. The birds are painted with blue sky and trees showing their yearning for freedom.



瓷鸟 Porcelain birds


罩中鸟 Birds in glass cover




I am developing my own artistic language and I can see a great potential. I am very grateful to Jingdezhen taoxichuan International Studio for its technical support and help in my Ceramic Creation experiment, as well as the hand-in-hand experience of ceramic predecessors. We went through the joy of success and the depression of failure together. I hope to have the opportunity to continue my ceramic creations.



筒状瓶2件 Cylindrical vases 大瓶直径biger vase diameter 21.5cm 高High49cm; 小瓶直径Small vase diameter17cm, 高High39cm



Attachment: In the picture I use Photoshop to make different angles of my works of the same picture, trying to show the complete image of my work.


Author: Dan Gajdosova


青花鱼碗 Fish pattern blue and white bowl


青花瓷小件集锦Collection of blue and white vessels


蓝绿青花葫芦瓶Blue and green gourd shaped vase 直径 diameter 18cm 高high 40cm

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